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Submission Guidelines / Consent to reproduce/Jewelry Information
  • Submissions are open to any form of poetry or short writing.. short being in the range of 1000 words. 
  • Poems/writings for publication will be selected on the basis of reader understanding, meaning, and originality. i.e. - poems/writings should hold some meaning, understanding, and enjoyment for the general public. 
  • Selection for publication is solely at the discretion of the edit staff of BarnumTaylor.com.
  • Electronic submissions only.
  • Only submissions selected for publication will receive acknowledgements.  If your work is selected you will receive a notice of publication.  If your work is not selected you will not hear from us.  Time allowed for publication and notification will vary greatly depending on our work load. 
  • We make no claims to your work other than the right to publish it on BarnumTaylor.com.   Should we desire to publish your work on another affiliated site or in any other manner, you will be contacted for consent.
  • By submitting your work you grant permission for publication on BarnumTaylor.com
  • All work must be original and if copyrighted, the copyright must belong to the person making the submission or the person making the submission must have permission for publication from the person holding the copyright.
  • You must have a current and active e-mail address.



  • Make your submissions by completing the form below. 
  • We will make all efforts to publish your work in the exact format in which it is written; however, this is not always feasible with electronic publications.
  • We will not edit nor critique your work.  Make sure all your spelling and punctuation is correct before submission.  Work that needs extensive editing will be rejected regardless of content.
  • If material is copyrighted, please include the copyright notice on your submission.

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